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As today is the 18th birthday of Dawson's Creek's first ever episode, let's set aside some time to appreciate how truly awesome that show was. Firstly, the dialogue was so brilliantly, cringeworth-ily deep, even playing a game of 'Truth or Dare' with this bunch ended up in some confusing, hormone-riddled dilemma. Then the incestuous nature of the entire group, Joey/Dawson, Dawson/Jen, Joey/Pacey, Pacey/Andie, like who could keep up with that?

Then there were the clothes, obviously, lots of '90s clunky heels and spaghetti straps. Take a minute to stare at Pacey wearing flip flops in the image above, please.

And, last but not least, the theme tune. All together now, 'I don't want to wait...'

Well, the lives of this creek-side crew are far from over. Check out what they've all been up to since Dawson's Creek aired its final episode back in 2003:

Dawson Leery - James Van Der Beek

After 'Dawson's Creek': Robot Chicken, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Stolen, Mercy, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, How I Met Your Mother, Friends with Better Lives, CSI: Cyber

Joey Potter - Katie Holmes

After 'Dawson's Creek': Batman Begins, Thank You for Smoking, Mad Money, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Die Kennedys, How I Met Your Mother, The Giver, Ray Donovan

Pacey Witter - Joshua Jackson

After 'Dawson's Creek': Racing Stripes, Shadows in the Sun, Shutter, One Week, Lay the Favorite, Fringe, Sky, The Affair

Jen Lindley - Michelle Williams

After 'Dawson's Creek': Brokeback Mountain, I'm Not There., Blue Valentine, Shutter Island, My Week with Marilyn, Cougar Town, Oz the Great and Powerful

Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan - Mary Beth Peil

After 'Dawson's Creek': The Stepford Wives, Shortbus, Flags of Our Fathers, The List, Mirrors, Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, Contest, The Good Wife

Jack McPhee - Kerr Smith

After 'Dawson's Creek': Charmed, CSI: Miami, E-Ring, Justice, Crossroads, Eli Stone, Life Unexpected, Criminal Minds, The Fosters

Andie McPhee - Meredith Monroe

After 'Dawson's Creek': CSI: Miami, House M.D., Vampires: The Turning, Masters of Horror, Bones, Californication, Wake, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Low Fidelity, Criminal Minds, Hart of Dixie

Source: imdb


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