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As movie fans, we're all quite obsessed with movie trailers. Usually people love or hate a certain trailer, but what defines our opinion? Of course the main aspect is whether a trailer is actually good or not, but what propels a trailer to universal admiration? I like to think it's the music. Hear me out and see what you think..

Okay, first let's go to to February 18th when we got the first trailer for Marvel's hit movie, Guardians of The Galaxy. At the time, this was Marvel's biggest risk to date, giving the world a group of galactic superheroes they've never seen on a big budget, first impressions were everything. Here's the trailer below to freshen your memory..


Back when this came out, people went crazy for this movie, the trailer well and truly passed the people test. I think the defining thing about this movie is the unmistakable song by Blue Suede, which is Hooked on a Feeling. A seventies song that wasn't a major hit but was catchy as hell and set the tone perfect for this world we were being introduced to. For months after watching this trailer, I constantly listened to Hooked of a Feeling. Every-time I sang, "Ahhhh ah ahhh ah ahhh", somebody would finish by singing back, "HOOKED ON A FEELING".

You could almost say the music has become an iconic part of movie history, set in stone with the Guardians of the Galaxy. The whole movie had a great soundtrack for that matter, so much so I even bought the CD (which I highly recommend). Am I saying the trailer wouldn't be good without the music? No. I'm merely saying the music shot the trailer from good, all the way to borderline iconic, one of the best trailers of the last 10 years.

The movie, as you know, lived up to it's standards set in the trailer, raking in $773,312,399 worldwide and being adored by both critics and fans alike! That's an example of a good movie with good music, what about if we take a bad movie with good music?

Back in July in 2013, we got a very sweet, promising trailer for the ambitious indie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The trailer was accompanied by a wonderful song by Of Monsters and Men, titled, Dirty Paws. Check out the trailer below.


When I first saw this trailer, I thought the film was going to be bold, crazy and just off-the-wall nuts. But when the movie came out later that year I was pretty disappointed with the finished movie. For a while I had no idea why I didn't like the film as much as I thought I would, until it dawned on me.. The trailer fooled me. Once I finished the movie, I went back and re-watched the trailer and once again, the trailer impressed me! I mean well done to the guys that made the trailer, because it was better than the movie and well done to, Of Monsters and Men for selling me the movie.

I know it sounds like I hate the movie, I don't. I did enjoy it, but I was just pretty disappointed that it wasn't what I thought it would be. IMDb's critic rating is a tame 54 Metascore and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a warm 50%. Both scores are quite mediocre, what do you guys think?

Let's jump to present day, 2016, where a certain song gave us a fantastic trailer adored worldwide..


In January, DC gave us our first good look at the upcoming villain ensemble movie, Suicide Squad. The track used was Queen's iconic Bohemian Rhapsody, where I think some people forgot just how amazing the song really is. The song works incredibly well and along with some fine-cut editing, we get a fantastic trailer that blew up the internet. But was it as good as it was because of Queen's iconic hit? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

What do you think guys? Do you think a trailer is completely amplified to greatness if it's accompanied with a great tune? Vote in the poll below!



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