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Oh how we love the Star Wars cast. Whether they're being totally adorable on the red carpet, shutting down sexism, or imitating blaster noises, the cast prove that if you lived the star wars, you're pretty damn awesome. Mark Hamill is no exception to this rule. For years he's been supportive of fans, attending many conventions.

Mark Hamill's pretty fantastic.
Mark Hamill's pretty fantastic.

We love Mark Hamill. And lately, he's been busy answering all our questions on Twitter... but has he said too much?

Supporting Fans, Spoiling Twists...

Mark Hamill's Twitter is pretty wild. He's totally sweet, always taking his time to respond to fans, even when they're demanding he explain some pretty intimate photos...

@hamillhimself please explain what's going on?!
@hamillhimself please explain what's going on?!

But the questions aren't always silly. Star Wars has chimed with many different kinds of people, and some are eager to see themselves represented on the big screen. The Force Awakens has stirred up a lot of discussion about the possibility of LGBT characters in Star Wars 7 (or 8 or 9). While most people are focusing on a certain pilot and ex-stormtrooper, others are wondering if the characters from the original trilogy might have identified as something other than straight.

And Mark Hamill is only too happy to support his LGBT fans.

It's absolutely fantastic for actors to not only engage with fans but to make the effort to respond in a positive way. Especially when you consider how these sort of questions are usually brushed off with a laugh.

Instead of flatly denying it or making some belittling comment, Mark Hamill is supportive of personal interpretations. And at the end of the day, how fans individually understand the films is all that matters. But what was that about plot hints?

This Is Not The Skywalker You're Looking For

The Force Awakens is full of mysterious characters. For all the film revealed, we're still wondering about Snoke's identity, Kylo Ren's origin, and Rey's family.

She's the hero, but is Rey really Luke's daughter?
She's the hero, but is Rey really Luke's daughter?

Thanks to a bunch of hints, many fans are predicting that Rey will be revealed to be Luke Skywalker's daughter in Star Wars Episode 8. But Mark Hamill's comments might have just debunked that theory. Specifically, the fact that he claims that Luke's "sexuality is never directly addressed in the film". Would confirming Rey is Luke's daughter pass as addressing his sexuality?

Maybe. I mean, bisexual people have kids all the time, so it doesn't rule out that possibility. But the fact that Hamill said we can decide for ourselves means that all options are probably left open by Episode 8. If there's no confirmation that Luke is attracted to any gender in particular, then Rey couldn't be his daughter.

Either that, or the script rewrites haven't locked down any possibility yet. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Well, at least there's only 23 months left to go! it 2017 yet?


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