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Ubisoft have released a heart-thumpingly good live-action trailer for their open world epic, [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169). This latest release from the studio teases a four-part prequel series that will appear on Amazon in the run up to the game's launch.

This all new series, coined 'Agent Origins', will play via Amazon Prime and will be split into four separate episodes. The series is an absolute must watch for anyone planning on playing The Division. This action packed series will guide players through the events that lead up to the post-apocalyptic state we see in The Division.

The game is more complex than many realise, as the concept is actually real. It was devised by the U.S government to test the countrie's infrastructure in case of a foreign biological attack. As it turns out - the U.S were not at all prepared. A smallpox pandemic spreads on Black Friday (of all days), transmitted by a virus planted onto banknotes. The virus sweeps across the country and within five days the Government collapses, basic services fail and anarchy soon follows.

The series was created to run this by the audience before they play the game. The idea being, once you have finished watching the series, you will be ready to step into the game with some form of semblance of who you are, where you are and why people are acting so damn crazy.

It is not a long running series, so there will be no excuse for not getting involved and if you are an Amazon Prime member then it is absolutely free to watch. According to the Amazon blurb, the cumulative running time for all four episodes is approximately 30 minutes.

There is still no exact release date attached to the series, but it will certainly be playable on Amazon in the run up to the games release in March. The complete run through will likely be beginning in February.

The trailer itself is a collaborative effort between the studio and a few of YouTube's biggest independent film-makers. RocketJump, devinsupertramp, and CorridorDigital all had a hand in creating this four-part series which drops us into New York, allowing us to see the backstories of four Division agents just days before society crumbled.

Want a sneak peek?

The short series will be action packed from the get go. It has everything from convicts with shotguns to street gangs with flamethrowers and pretty much everything in between. We are still unsure whether these featured agents and characters will all be in the game, but what is for sure is that the agents consist of three men and a woman.

This is going to be big guys - I can't necessarily vouch for the acting as I haven't seen it all the way through yet, but so far it looks pretty darn decent. Agent Origins is a must for anyone planning on playing the game though, seriously.

The live-action trailer

Immerse yourself in a world that has completely gone to the dogs. This state of decay calls for an elite team to try and fix it, that’s you! There cannot be any hope for tomorrow, if we don't fight for today.

The game releases March 8th with a beta phase a month before. The beta will drop players into Manhattan, onto Chelsea Pier. Ubisoft stated that players will be taken through "early story-driven missions that establish your foothold in New York."

As with most beta sessions, the only way to guarantee a place is to preorder The Division. However, they may open the testing phase to everyone on the last day.

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