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We're all very excited about DC's upcoming movie Suicide Squad, especially now the epic second trailer has been released. (If you want to read a more in-depth trailer breakdown I suggest heading over to this article.)

Two of the biggest mysteries about the movie is who the villain will be, and what role The Joker will play. Some think he will play the villain, while others believe he will only be featured in flashback scenes showing Harley's origin story. While nothing is confirmed yet, the DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, recently teased fans with the following statement:

"I will only say he's not exactly a member of the Suicide Squad."

It doesn't come as a huge surprise, considering that The Joker hasn't been seen together with the squad in any of the trailers. He's only seen with Harley Quinn, which leads me to believe the flashback theory. Especially since in the second trailer we see The Joker and Harley Quinn in a tank of liquid. In one of the comics, The Joker throws Dr. Harleen Quinzel into a chemical tank, and the person who emerges is Harley Quinn. It's plausible that we will be seeing this scene in the Suicide Squad movie.

If The Joker is only featured in flashback scenes, who is the villain?

There is one other character that so far hasn't been seen with the rest of the group - Enchantress. Every clip she is in shows her alone, and in DC's synopsis of the movie they explain that the group is sent to "defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity". Considering that Enchantress is possessed by a magical being it seems likely that she is the one they need to defeat.

If you pay attention in the second trailer you can also hear a difference when Rick Flagg describes each member of the team compared to when he describes Enchantress. The rest of the gang are spoken about in third person, but when he talks about Enchantress he uses the word 'you', as if he's talking directly to her. My money is definitely on Enchantress - especially because I really want to see her as a villain. She's a badass!

It remains to be seen if any of these theories are true, and we'll have to remain patient because the movie doesn't premiere until August 5, 2016.



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