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CW's The 100 started off like your standard young adult affair, albeit with a bit more Battlestar Galactica style scifi politics. By the end of season 1, the plot had become an interesting commentary on post colonialism, as the teen protagonists found themselves embroiled in a war they accidentally started.

Season 2 stormed head first into this theme, adding yet more factions to make the conflict even more intriguing. Featuring fun things like torture, grief, massacre, and the ruthless decisions leaders have to make, The 100 surprised all of us by becoming one of the best shows on TV right now. And from what we've been told, season 3 will probably be the best yet.

Clarke Faces Exile

After rising to command as the "Princess" of the hundred in season 1, and clashing with her mother for leadership in season 2, the Clarke we find in season 3 is in exile.

Not sure red hair is really the best look for her.
Not sure red hair is really the best look for her.

Unable to deal with the responsibility and guilt after her actions in the season 2 finale, Clarke took off into the wilderness. And from the season 3 trailer, it looks like she's not just wallowing in her grief: she's got a new look, and potentially a new love interest...

Tangled Romance

Last season saw Clarke torn between romantic entanglements and her duties as a somewhat self-elected leader. Thankfully, The 100 plays down the relationship drama, making it just another part of the plot tapestry. Of course, relationships are still hugely important in the show, but when it comes down to it issues like the slaughter of innocents take precedent over romantic inclinations (yes I'm looking at you, Finn).

So while the show could descend into a tired will-they-won't-they trope with Clarke and Bellamy, the focus is firmly on what's most important to the plot. Of course, that doesn't mean a little romance is totally out of the question...

Clarke and Lexa grew close in season 2.
Clarke and Lexa grew close in season 2.

The relationship between Clarke and Lexa slowly built up in season 2, as the women went from rivals, to allies, to almost-lovers. Their flirtation was short lived however, as both betrayed the other in the finale, and they parted ways on uneasy terms. The trailer for season 3 teases that their reunion might not be the happiest of meetings, but the trailer also features a brief shot of a sex scene which appears to be between Clarke and another woman...

So is this woman Lexa? Honestly, I'm inclined to say no. Clarke's hair is red at this point, which seems to be the style she's sporting before her reunion with Lexa. In fact, it's possible that The 100 is ready to introduce another character as a love interest for Clarke. Hopefully Lexa and Clarke's relationship will develop past the wanting-to-kill-each-other stage, as their complex yet compelling dynamic was one of the highlights of season 2. But moving on.

Bigger Conflict

Jaha seems to have a new ally, and it looks like the City of Light is going to become more relevant next season, potentially taking the place of Mount Weather as the technologically advanced civilisation going head to head with the Grounders, Sky People, Reapers, and whoever else is floating about these days.

"Whatever the City of Light is, it's eliminating more than just pain..."
What's the deal with the City of Light?
What's the deal with the City of Light?

One thing's for certain: there are definitely more players about to enter the game. And while Abigail and the others are looking outward, they might just miss the threat which a disillusioned and rebellious Jasper poses.

The trailer showed a new side to Jasper, which is unsurprising considering last season saw him captured, tortured, and ended with him holding the body of the girl he loved. So we probably should have seen this coming.

All in all, season 3 looks like it might just trump season 2, with alliances broken and the tension between Grounders and Sky People spiraling into war. And we can't wait to find out what happens next.


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