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Transgender actress Alexis Arquette has dropped some seriously big bombshell claims in reference to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's marriage. Essentially, she's just called their public relationship a total farce.

Referring to Will as Jada's 'beard,' Arquette's wrath was unleashed via Facebook in a post which has since been deleted. Alongside the suggestion that Will and Jada are homosexual, she also throws out the accusation that Benny Medina, Will's old manager, was receiving 'butt' services for bagging him his big break on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Arquette later clarified in the comments:

“She’ being his FIRST wife. Paid off, silent.”

Referencing Smith's three year marriage to Sheree Zampino which ended in divorce in 1995.

One assumes her comments are directly linked to the statement released by Jada Pinkett Smith regarding boycotting this year's Oscar ceremony due to the near total clean sweep of white nominees. However, this public display of apparent 'outing' seems a pretty severe and unfair response.

Alexis Arquette, formerly Robert Arquette
Alexis Arquette, formerly Robert Arquette

Arquette, whose sister Patricia won an Oscar back in 2015, continued:

“Will threw a fit on the set of (his 1993 film) Six Degrees of Separation when he was required by the scene to kiss Anthony Rapp. He persuaded the director to shoot the back of his head in frame, blocking the non existent lip lock entirely. F**k him. “Gays have enemies. They lurk in gilded closets. Outing is healthy. You are either with or against us. You decide. Today.”

Again, later adding in the comments:

“I used to think Michelangelo Signorile was wrong for outing. I’m completely for it now. Too many bullied teens dead."

Wow, Alexis, why don't you say what you really feel?

Source: Hollywood Life, Daily Mail


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