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Ben Turner

David LeCours's devotion to Britney has been ardent and unshaken since the teething age of 2. If anyone deserves the lucrative title of 'superfan' status, then it is 17-year-old David LeCours from Agawam, Massachusetts.

Citing his favorite song 'Stronger', Britney has given David the courage to be true to himself and overcome obstacles in his life. Britney's music helped David come out as gay, as well as now prompting him to step up and even ask the 'Lucky' singer whether she would like to be his prom date.

By the by, David and Britney already know each other, having met in person three times. The second meeting has a particular significance for David when he gave her a letter to which she responded by sending another letter back in the post. She signed the letter off with 'Shine Bright Always'.

She really is the queen, y'all.

Fingers crossed that David's wish comes true.


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