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Demi Lovato is never one to keep quiet about issues of body shaming in Hollywood, having been a victim herself for years. And when she appeared on the February cover of Allure magazine, she touched on the topic once again.

Yet, this time, she was even more candid about the way the industry attempted to mould her into the superstar it wanted her to be.

In particular, the actress and singer made bold claims that during her teenage years, one of the most vulnerable times for a young person, Disney repeatedly urged her to alter her physical appearance. In particular, Demi recalled one incident when she was just 15-years-old when she was plunged into the limelight as the star of Camp Rock. Here she is back in the day:

She said:

"I had a gap between my two front teeth. They were like, ‘Would you be willing to fix it?’"

Reluctantly, the young girl agreed to making the changes to make the studio happy but today, with a whirlwind of experience under her belt, she feels differently:

“I wish today that I hadn’t because my gap was really cute.”

These days, Demi also revealed that she feels far more comfortable in her own skin, and has learned how to stand up for herself better. As an example, she relayed what happened to her the night before the Allure interview when a fan was rude to her outside her hotel for not stopping to take a photo.

Telling her bodyguard to bring the fan inside, she then explained to the girl:

“I never want you to feel like I take you for granted. But I cannot stop every single time and that gives you no excuse to disrespect me… because I have too much respect for myself.”

Good on you, Demi!



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