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Rob Zombie is back. While that may be bad news for limbs, those who like living and those who are afraid of blood, it's great news for fans of the visionary director.

The first initial screenings of 31 have now been announced by the Sundance Institute. Check out the creepy trailer below:

The list of dates are as follows:

"Zero Remorse"

The movie will star onscreen legend Malcolm McDowell, and revolves around two carnival workers who are kidnapped and forced to play a game, '31'.

As you can probably guess from the director of films such as The Devils Rejects (2000) and House of 1000 Corpses (2005), the game isn't going to be particularly enjoyable for those involved.

A Zombie classic - The Devils Rejects (2000)
A Zombie classic - The Devils Rejects (2000)

According to the synopsis in the site, Zombie will be on top form. It reads:

"With characteristic flair and zero remorse, Zombie rips the wings off of his little counterculture butterflies, baring their true, animal natures—not to mention a shitload of viscera"

Psst - those who are afraid of clowns should probably avoid this film!

Source: Sundance Institute


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