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Last month famed video game designer Hideo Kojima announced, in partnership with Sony, the independent formation of his eponymous new studio, prompting fans to fervently speculate as to how the eccentric auteur will follow up on his beloved brainchild Metal Gear Solid.

As if re-summoning his creative spirits, the digital renaissance man has embarked upon a grand tour of America, visiting bad robots, new technology, and old friends.

Despite details regarding Kojima's next project being more heavily guarded than Groznyj Grad fortress, we may at least infer something from this little 'research trip.' You can learn a lot about a man from the company he keeps, especially if the company he's keeping is as intriguing as this...

J.J. and H.K. Shooting the Breeze

That's right, the cross-medium directors hooked up, apparently so Kojima could "inform him about my new studio." J.J. may have been interested in getting some sage advice on his recently announced video game project called Spyjinx, which he's developing with Chair Entertainment (Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade).

Either that or Kojima is working on a Star Wars game. Imagine!

There could by dozens of exciting explanations for this star-studded meet up, but perhaps Hideo simply wanted to say hello to his new robot friend:

Who could blame him?

Silent Hills Teaser?

The night before he saw Abrams, Kojima tweeted this rather cryptic photo that included two names gamers thought they'd never see in combination again: Kojima's own and Guillermo del Toro. The creative twosome were working on a much-hyped Silent Hills horror game before it was disappointingly cancelled. Could this mean the Mexican director is back on board, ready to collaborate on a brand new title? It's all speculation, but even a slim chance of it being true is enough to get me pumped.

Toying With the Future

The rest of Kojima's tweets featured him playing around with Sony's performance capture technology, led around various studios by PlayStation's lead architect Mark Cerny.

It's great to see Kojima enriching his creative energy after the tumultuous split from Konami. I can't wait to see what he does next.

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