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Can't get enough of the X-Men? Then this is perfect for you!

Creative genius Joel Furtado has worked his butt off to create an animated web series about our favorite mutants. The show is called X-Men: Danger Room Protocols, and it is so well made it's hard to believe Mr. Furtado isn't actually some kind of wizard.

"X-men: Danger Room Protocols is an all new animated web series featuring your favorite characters from the ‘90s comics and cartoons. All new episodes airing every two weeks!"

Earlier this month he published a short intro (above), and now he has released the first part of the first episode. The animation style is colorful and pixelated, and it definitely evokes that nostalgic feeling us millennials crave so much. The first episode features Wolverine and Jean Grey fighting against Sentinels in the Danger Room.

If you Joel's work is really amazing and want to support him I recommend heading over to his Patreon-page. You can also visit his website for more of his work, and to be notified every time a new episode of X-Men: Danger Room Protocol is available.

Check out the trailer for 'X-Men: Apocalypse' to have more of your X-Men needs fulfilled!

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