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Rey is probably the most mysterious of all the characters in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158). As the franchise's new hero, there's no doubt she's ready to fight her way into the annals of movie history, smashing more than a few stereotypes along the way. Within the story, Rey is also a beacon of hope for the Light Side of the Force, as she slowly realises the power lying dormant within her.

As Maz Kanata advised her, Rey's journey forwards is the most important thing, but still we want to look back. Who is she, really? And why was she left on Jakku? We might be getting these answers sooner than expected, as subtle hints suggest that Rogue One might just introduce Rey's mother...

Spoiler warning: it's been a month, so if you haven't seen Star Wars 7 already you might want to fix that. But just in case, there's a video blocking the view.

Ready to be spoiled? Ok, awesome.

Why Was Rey Left On Jakku?

In the frenzy of fan theories after Star Wars 7 was released, many people are busy working out who Rey's father could be. Most favour Luke Skywalker, and there definitely clues to suggest this. Others are suggesting Rey is a Kenobi, probably the granddaughter of Obi Wan.

Yet, Rey's mother is the one Lucasfilm want us to focus on. The only mention of Rey's parents in the official The Force Awakens novelisation is during Rey's vision, and it's Rey's mother who delivers this line...

"Stay here, I'll come back for you. I'll come back, sweetheart. I promise."
Ouch, my emotions.
Ouch, my emotions.

Forget abandoned: this implies that Rey was left on Jakku because her parents had no other option. Ah, the plot thickens. As Kylo Ren's massacre of the Jedi students occurred when he was 15 (and Rey was 5), many fans have come to the conclusion that considering Rey's Force sensitivity, she was hidden from Kylo Ren for her own protection.

From a storytelling perspective, this makes a lot of sense. Rey's origin story could be one of the most interesting plot points of Star Wars Episode 8. With Kylo Ren and Rey already positioned as nemeses, it would be elegant thematically to connect Rey's abandonment with Kylo Ren's betrayal.

Fanart by chiinacat on Tumblr.
Fanart by chiinacat on Tumblr.

So, let's assume that Rey's parents were involved in the Rebel Alliance, and had originally planned to have Rey train with Luke Skywalker. This leaves plenty of options open for Rey's father (personally, I like the idea that he's the son of Obi Wan), but there's actually an opportunity here to reveal the identity of Rey's mother in Rogue One...

Daughter Of A Rogue

No-one is really asking who Rey's mother is, and that's kind of understandable, considering the Star Wars movies don't have an overabundance of female characters. At least, until now.

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna in Rogue One
Felicity Jones and Diego Luna in Rogue One

With a fresh outlook on the most famous star war, Rogue One is already shaping up to be a pretty gosh darn awesome film. The leading character is intriguing: played by Felicity Jones, the protagonist is supposedly the daughter of Mads Mikkelson's Death Star creator, on a mission to redeem her father's mistakes. Rumoured to be called Lyra Erso, she leads the mission to retrieve the Death Star plans which are crucial to the plot of A New Hope.

As far as the franchise goes, it would be a smart move to have Rogue One introduce Lyra as Rey's mother. Rather than just having Rogue One feed into the original trilogy, this would offer an interesting emotional connection to Star Wars Episode 8 too. Such a revelation, or at least a bunch of clues, would also fuel speculation and help build up hype yet again for Episode 8's release a year later.

And we actually already have some clues that this is what Lucasfilm are planning to do.

Rey wears a Rebel fighter helmet in Star Wars 7
Rey wears a Rebel fighter helmet in Star Wars 7

Here's our biggest clue: Rey's accent. There are many different accents and languages from Earth which feature in the Star Wars films, but what's important about Rey's accent isn't the nationality, but the region: British RP is used in the Star Wars universe to denote characters of authority, who hail from the central planets. Specifically Coruscant, the previous home of the Galactic Senate.

This isn't an accent Rey would have picked up on Jakku, so it must have come from her parents. How is this connected to Rogue One? Well, Felicity Jones is English. And while it's possible she could adopt an American accent, her nationality, as well as her physical resemblance to Daisy Ridley, could have been a deciding factor in the casting process.

So: English? Check. Hotshot pilot and mechanic? Check.

Rey helps Han Solo pilot the Falcon.
Rey helps Han Solo pilot the Falcon.

Looks like those coincidences are starting to stack up again. And while all we have to go on right now are potential clues, it would be really awesome to have Rogue One set up this connection to Episode 8, establishing a new generational story in the Star Wars saga.

Or maybe it's all a red herring. At least we don't have long to wait until we find out!

... is it December yet?

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