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With Metal Gear Solid's famed creator Hideo Kojima now out of the picture the future of this much beloved series has been left in the hands of its dedicated fans, whose creative efforts are easily trumping Konami's pachinko-centric projects.

Case in point: fan-made remake Shadow Moses, a graphical revamp of the original Metal Gear Solid currently being developed by Airam Hernandez in Unreal Engine 4. Check out the project's debut trailer:

For players familiar with the original game's starkly polygonal Alaskan island, this HD Shadow Moses is oddly déjà-vu inducing. Comparing the same environemts from each version reminds you of just how far technology has come and will whet your appetite for a fully playable tribute to the 1998 classic.

The Commander Room

Sneaky Snake

Sniper Wolf Stand-Off

Armory Ambush

Granted, it's very unlikely that this project will get the blessing of publisher Konami, the developers themselves all too aware of copyright issues:

Konami owns the MGS copyright and therefore sooner or later we will need their full permission. We have therefore chosen to openly share this project from the beginning so that we can deal with any issues that may arise as they come. We believe this is better than putting years of work into a project only to get it shut down. Please, respect this decision.

So, perhaps we won't be infiltrating this stunningly rendered base any time soon, even if it was close to completion. But hey, we can still dream whilst glaring longingly at those screenshots.

[Source: ShadowMoses]


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