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Last night in CW's DC Film special; "Dawn Of The Justice League" we got a great look at the new Suicide Squad trailer, some concept art from Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash but one of the most important things shown was some actual footage from Wonder Woman, check out the footage below:

Gal Gadot (Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Fast & Furious 6) stars as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman, an Amazonian goddess from the island of Themyscira also known as Paradise Island. In the film the Amazons are there to defend Earth and human kind but somewhere in history, they stopped, not seeing humanity as worthy enough. So Diana travels into the world as a defender of man where she meets Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine (The Finest Hours, Star Trek Beyond). Diana is a god and therefore doesn't age like humans, the movie will reportedly take place in several different time periods. The one we see presented in the footage is of WW1.

Considering Wonder Woman isn't released until 2017 I'm surprised at the amount of footage we were shown. The movie is currently shooting but this featurette was a perfect little tease. We see Wonder Woman in and out of her iconic costume and some pretty decent action shots.

Wonder Woman opens June 23rd 2017. The character can first be seen in a supporting role in Batman V Superman which opens March 25th 2016.

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