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Though Fallout 4 enjoyed a healthy critical consensus, it's clear that Bethesda's latest RPG hasn't had the same impact on the gaming community that previous releases had. Hop on over to Metacritic and you'll see the massive disparity between the scores of critics and users, and also how much lower those scores are than then Bethesda's previous release.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim currently sits at one of the highest points possible on Metacritic. It enjoys a review score of 94 and 8.1 from critics and users respectively. There are over 8,300 submitted scores for Skyrim on this site. If we take a look at Fallout 4, however, the numbers paint a rather different picture. 84 and 5.4. The second figure is the result of over 6,400 reviews on the site, and as one reviewer aptly summarises the difference, "This certainly is no Skyrim."

Can Fallout 4 DLC Expansions Give Us Hope?


Whether people will grow to like Fallout 4 more and more over time remains to be seen. But it's very clear that the game will never enjoy the same reception that Skyrim did. That shook the gaming world. Everyone was playing it, it was a cultural event! While the same can be said for Fallout 4, people haven't been discussing it in a similar way. Skyrim felt like an instant masterpiece.

But that's not to say that Fallout 4 can't eventually rise to the same status, right? There's still hope for Bethesda' RPG to grow into something closer to what Skyrim was. There are numerous DLC expansions on the way for Fallout 4 and perhaps allowing us to explore the depths of the sea or new game mechanics could change the experience forever!

Do You Have Hope For The DLC's Release Date?

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Okay, obviously the DLC isn't going to fix some of Fallout 4's most frustrating problems (we can certainly hope for far better performance though). It's true that the companions in this game don't have the same spark that Fallout 3's had, that the dialogue is poor, and that the RPG progression system can be irritating at times. However, DLC expansions still offer a form of hope.

At its chore, Fallout 4 is a masterpiece. Why? Because it's still a Bethesda game. Bethesda's RPGs are very similar to one another, and unfortunately Fallout 4 shows that these similarities can't keep us engaged forever. But if the DLC can build upon the base structure of the game and introduce some genuinely revolutionary add-ons, there may be hope for this RPG yet.


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