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Cloud Imperium Games' phenomenal Star Citizen has been in development for an extraordinary amount of time. In fact, a lot of us believe that the space simulator won't be arriving on PC in 2016 at all. However, the game has been in Alpha for a while, which means that a lot of you out there can engage with a fairly early version of a remarkable achievement.

Even in its early stages, Star Citizen is a game that can take your breath away. Its scope is enormous, its ships are stunning, traversal and combat is wonderful, and its planets are out of this world. We believe that if you engage with Star Citizen now, you'll enjoy the finished project all the more.

More Than Just Ships: Star Citizen & Its Breathtaking Alpha Gameplay

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

It's extraordinary how Star Citizen still manages to astound you in such an early stage. The playable version of the game is currently running at Alpha 2.1, the link to which you can find here. There's a lot that needs updating, but you can actually get a great taste for what this space sim will be like on its release date. You can see the gameplay improvements that Imperium will introduce, but they're just out of reach.

We feel that playing the alpha will create a deeper appreciation for the game. Besides, one day you'll actually be able to do this:

Spectacular. This is eventually what we'll be able to achieve in Star Citizen. The procedurally generated planets in the game will be enormous, and just like in [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052), entering the atmosphere of the planets is seamless. Landing on these planets is seamless. Entering FPS mode is seamless. And we couldn't be more impressed with the technological prowess on display in this video.

Look At What's To Come!

Star Citizen
Star Citizen

These are just a few of the images that can get you hyped for the release date of Star Citizen. The level of detail on display in this armour is remarkable. Anyone else see a bit of Dead Space in there? With the visor closed I can definitely see a bit of Isaac.

But let's not forget that with the 106,000,000 dollars that Star Citizen has raised so far, the developers plan to unleash a star-studded campaign as well with character details that'll blow your mind.

Holy shit.
Holy shit.

Yep, this is insane. This really could be one of the most incredible games ever made and based on the size of the undertaking and the amount of money that is constantly pouring in for this game, we just can't see a release date happening in 2016. But who knows? Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

Let us know if you're playing Star Citizen now in its alpha form and what you think of it!


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