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According to IGN, Fox Chairman and CEO Gary Newman has expressed interest in a possible spin off from the show. Now, although this is highly improbable, and would have to be of interest to Warner Brothers and DC, there are lots of great characters that they could choose to expand on. Here's my list:

10) These are not in any order, for, right off the bat, I bring one of the biggest possibilities! A long time standard in DC comics, the GCPD have been a character all to themselves and even sustained its own comic!

This type of show could include a lot of characters that have been showcased on GOTHAM. Harvey Bullock, Nathaniel Barnes, Renee Montoya to but name a few of the many Gothamites who could get better coverage and be fleshed out more. The police force has been central in both seasons of GOTHAM; seeing that Gordon has been THE main character. But so much more can be done. Imagine all of the cases that can been seen; all the villains brought in. It could actually be a smart move. It could also be a drain on the main show and probably won't happen.

9) Harvey Bullock could actually carry his own show. Probably the most colorful character to last two seasons, Bullock's story could lead us into even darker places of Gotham.

8) One long shot is the presumed deceased Fish Money. Of course, nobody in their right mind would believe she's out of the picture. Stories spawned by comics are full of dead people running around and making dramatic come backs. In my humble opinion, she WILL be back, just a matter of time. And giving her a series of her own might set up some great crossover stories with her revenge against Penguin.

7) Another long shot is tech genius, Lucious Fox. He could be a part of a show centered on Wayne Enterprises and star both Bruce and Alfred at times.

6) Harvey Dent would be an interesting angle. Dealing with the Judicial end of Gotham, there could be some interesting stories. Once again, a long shot, but the GCPD and Gordon could star and crossovers would be easy.

4 & 5) Pengiun and/or Edward Nygma could go many different ways. By the end of last season, these two were thick as thieves, so to speak. The chemistry between them was magical and also a bit strained. This would be one of the top choices, I think. Imagine where this could go!

3) And, yes, once again, I know he's dead. But, of all the cast of Gotham, this one grew on me. The actor (Cameron Monaghan ) seemed to grow with every episode and, for a brief moment, I thought him least expendable. When he died, I thought the season was a bust. I found out I was wrong. But having this guy return somewhere is on my bucket list. I wanna see him do Jerome one more time!

2) Ivy Pepper is one of the most anticipated characters and, yet, one that we know least about. Having a spinoff with her as a main character might be interesting.

1) My top choice would be young Selina Kyle. I absolutely LOVE what the actress has done with the character. I also think young Cat Woman has a great deal to offer in terms of story. Personally, I think it's a WIN-WIN!


Who should get the spin off?


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