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The brands of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox have been stationed within the realms of popular consciousness for some time now, as well all know. So it does come as a surprise that every now and again a wonderful fake console will slip through the net, into someone's shopping basket and ruin Timmy or Timotha's Christmas Day. Which would suck.

But when you have fakes as hilarious as say the Treamcast or the Super PolyStation 2, there should be no excuse for purchasing the wrong console. Surely there shouldn't.

So out of the goodness of my heart, here are 6 of the most glorious fake consoles that are or have at once been available to purchase. Keep an eye out for these suckers, and laugh heartily if you ever come across one:

6. Treamcast

Tream a little tream of Wii
Tream a little tream of Wii

Oh, Treamcast, how I love you so. In all fairness, the Treamcast was a valiant effort with its tiny LCD screen and controllers that harken back to the beloved Mega Drive's heyday. But still, it looks like a box (or Cube that plays Games...), has a super obvious logo and is called the Treamcast. Nice try.

5. PCP Station

Now you can finally carry and use PCP all day long without freaking people out on the commute! Depending on how vigorous a gamer you are of course. This little PSP clone comes with all the mod-cons like earphone, color display, thunderbolt airplane(??) and game handle! Finally a value pack I can get behind... and push into a lake.

4. Wü

If you like sports then bring the rackets, cause this here Wü ain't nothing to f*ck with. Yeah that rhymed as much as this is a legit Wii. Bet the Wü must've surprised a few parents on birthdays though, look how professional that packaging is!

Wü Tang Killer Wiis
Wü Tang Killer Wiis

3. Super PolyStation II

Oh dear...
Oh dear...

This one made me howl with laughter. No this isn't a synth VST to be used with Ableton Live 9.5 or Reason 8, this apparently is supposed to be PlayStation 2 clone that has lasted the life cycle of its progenitor. Yes there is in existence a PolyStation 1 and 3.

That box design though...

2. Battman

Unique indeed...
Unique indeed...

Well. What can we say about this one apart from it is perfection, and modest with the huge 'UNIQUE' emblazoned on the bottom right of its packaging. I know for one that the Dark Knight would be displeased with this OG Xbox clone using his moniker to sell knockoff goods.

Not only does it rip off a major comic book character and Microsoft's fledgling console, its controllers look suspiciously familiar to the PS1's and how about that gun? I'd steer well clear of the cops with this in your bag, kids.

1. i-Dong

Not only is the name hilariously reminiscent of a dildo with a USB port, it's more of a Kinect clone than bonafide console. The i-Dong works with PCs and uses sensors and infra-red to pick up movement. Only it's not very good at picking up movement or figuring out where it's controller is. Oh well, to the bargain bin with the other i-Dongs and Kinects.


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