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It's fairly likely you're still reeling from the news of David Bowie's unfortunate passing, the man of unmatched flair, creativity and invention no longer around to share his great talents with us.

In honor of Bowie's legacy, publisher Square Enix are now giving away copies of 1999’s sci-fi adventure Omikron: The Nomad Soul, which starred the man himself as well as music he wrote specifically for the game.

The offer only lasts until Friday 22nd, so US readers should follow this link right away and use the code 'omikron' at the checkout.

Omikron is a strikingly unique experience, combining elements of adventure games, first person shooters, and fighting games. As a man fascinated by technology, forever looking for ways to push things forward, David Bowie was heavily involved in the creative process, contributing to the game's narrative and design.

He makes two cameo appearances, playing a revolutionary called Boz and a lead singer of a fictional band called The Dreamers. Check out some of his scenes below:

I must say, Omikron has not aged particularly well. It's an archaic forerunner to David Cage's more nuanced later efforts, such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and has a clunky interface that can be tough to get to grips with. But it does have its charms and provides the perfect opportunity to sample one of Bowie's lesser known works, plus it will cost you all of nothing.

[Source: SquareEnix]


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