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After over a hundred years will cinema be forced to exit via the window?

Since 1893 cinema has been what end? Since the creation of the first internet we have cinema move away from traditional TV and movies towards internet media such as YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix etc. The question is, will this move be indefinite?

I recently went to see Star Wars Episode VII and was actually considering writing a review, instead i chose to incorporate my opinion into this piece. In short, it was the same old with new effects and a politically correct cast. It was not the movie of the year, it was not the movie of the month. It was mediocre. Most movies of this year were mediocre, Ant-Man, the Martian etc. Now this opinion is partially due to my own cynicism but partially it is because not only has interest for cinema been dying down in the past few years, the movies have been getting worse. Now I will not judge on whether or not these are connected, but they are both true. This happening is very similar to the drop we are seeing in TV news viewership and the growth of new media outlets such as the Huffington Post, TYT, the Intercept and so on.

Why? Perhaps because people are less naive and movies are more naive. Because people see the world in more complex ways, yet the media is presenting less and less complex plots. Perhaps the only warranted change is that while people's lives are becoming duller and duller and movies have more adrenaline in them. But even in this case the movies are becoming more and more pitched against reality, while on the other end of the spectrum, TV and new media are tilting more and more to reality shows, and down-to-earth stories.

I believe the fact is not that we're seeing a divide in media, but a divide in viewers.

People are splitting into camps that care about information and ones that care about adrenalin, whereas in the past movies and TV would combine these two, but recently they have become separated. Movies will either have slapstick and adrenalin or a message. To me this is worrying since I enjoy both comedy, action and a deep-messaged movie, but this is becoming harder and harder.

The question is how will media develop further? |


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