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Quick post here for all you [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765) fans.

Last night was the season premier of season 2 of Agent Carter. Jason Wilkes, a scientist and potential love interest for Peggy. But, he seems to be gone way tooo fast. But is he really dead?

When we last saw Jason and femme fatale Whitney Frost, they were struggling over possession of the Zero Matter (which will play a role in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie). We see a big explosion, then a fireman saying that nobody could have survived it. We later see Whitney Frost, recovering from the explosion. And with a nifty new black scar on her forehead.

She survived. Maybe with powers. Is it possible that Jason survived too?

Let's go back to our other Marvel show, Agents of SHIELD. And in particular, "The Only Light in the Darkness" from Season 1. The first time the Darkforce, or Zero Matter, is mentioned. Marcus Daniels was another scientist working with Darkforce and was changed into a supervillian with an obsession with a cellist.

And of course, it makes him super powerful and super unstable. Maybe like Whitney Frost?

Or Jason Wilkes from here on out. I take you back to the pictures that Marvel released before the premier of Agent Carter season 2.

Look at that shadow. It didn't look like anybody else had that kind of shadow in their pictures. Could this be part of his power?

If I could quote Coulson:

Nothing bad ever happens when you work something called "dark force." (Agents of SHIELD)


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