ByKimberly Curtsinger, writer at

I Loved the very first airing of murder house. I LOVE Dylan McDermott and Connie Briton. I also love Evan Peters and Famissa. (I dont think I spelled that right I apologize but it is Violet in murder house) But my absolute favorite leading lady is and always will be Jessica Lange. Constance was the character you hated to love but loved nonetheless. She is amazing. The show isnt the same without her. However I was disappointed with freakshow. Not with her just with the storyline. I was very bored. Asylum and Coven were amazing. Hotel was better than Freak Show but I wasnt overly impressed with it. Seasons 1-3 continue to be my favorites. But I do love the cast of these shows. Im not a big Lady Gaga fan. I never have been but she was ok I guess. But the storyline of the first three seasons are just more to my taste i guess. I would love for Jessica Lange to get back in the lead where she should be. She is an amazing actress. Someone who can play crazy and sane at the same time is amazing. I loved her in Sybil. I would love to see all the characters in those seasons get together again and make another season. That would be amazing. I do LOVE this show.


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