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After more then a month off the Flash finally returned last night to the joy of fans everywhere.. Picking up right where they left off Barry is still having trouble with thoughts of facing zoom but they have now begun to effect his relationship with patty as she sense he is hiding something from her. The back and forth of Barry deciding whether or not to reveal himself as the flash to her really was powerful to demonstrate the internal conflict he is dealing with and the advice of team flash doesn’t help much. In another weaker point of the show the wally storyline is played out more and he seems to be kind of a dick if you ask me lol. Also we learned Jay is dying and the only cure for him is to regain his speed also loved the introduction of the turtle .Hopefully wally and wells will be redeemed at some point in the series but im more pumped for the fact that next week the man in yellow himself returns to face his “origin story” and what will eventually turn him into the flashs nemesis. With teases of the crew travelling to Earth 2 and meeting the likes of Killer Frost and Deathstorm I think the flash second half of season 2 is building to be something great so sound off below on your theories and check out my facebook page for my interview with henry allen himself John Wesley Shipp

What earth 2 characters do you hope show up this season


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