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Paul Grimshaw

They are smashing box office records but Star Wars and other blue chip movie franchises like Batman, Spiderman, Jurassic Park and Iron Man are in imminent danger of mass extinction.

And they have only a short time to adapt or face becoming an endangered species.

The financial future of histories highest grossing movies - and that includes the manufacturing of collectibles and memorabilia, high value sculpture action figures as well as a universe of lucrative spin off´s like video games and merchandise, will all be ruled (and likely owned) by rogue fan communities - key disruptors that is - not fans of the Rogue One movie.

The biggest threat to Star Wars future is actually their most loyal fans, likely the most disruptive influence of all. These fans are the most influential lead users - the content analytical, storyline obsessive and socially active members steering huge fan communities and their all important ideology and opinion.

And when will this extinction event occur – in less than fifty years.

With civilization entering the third era, digital revolution will leave studio giants like Disney, Warner and Marvel literally fighting off activist fans for control of the future of storytelling.

Corporations are counting down the years..
Corporations are counting down the years..

It is commonly accepted that the technology gap between big studio productions and home made digital content is narrowing so rapidly that, privately, Hollywood´s key strategists are in panic mode.

Even more worrying is that VFX, character, environment and storyline expertise is no longer the sole preserve of the studio elite production designer, screenwriter or director. Just look at fan forums for the creative evidence.

And those same fans are quickly becoming discontent with directors elected by corporations.

Disney has as little as fifty years to adapt.
Disney has as little as fifty years to adapt.

By 2066 vast fan communities will incubate and publish their own character rich story lines and slice up the Star Wars layer cake so effectively that Disney will be unable to maintain significant control of the Star Wars monopoly including the iconic celestial lifestyles of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Han Solo.

Instead wealthy studios will be forced to engage with their long suffering audience to co-create and even buy expensive tickets for entry to vast closed garden communities of activist fans now capable of conceiving and distributing their own compelling production pod casts; broadcasts which by 2066 will themselves resemble studio quality movies with rogue storyline and soundtrack of the highest commercial quality.


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