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I'm David Ury, I was crushed by an ATM as Spooge on Breaking Bad, preside over dead super heroes as Dr. Death on Powers, and play a mad clown in Rob Zombie's new film 31. My team just released our latest comedy series, Grizzly and Hash: Homicide.

Check out the trailer below

Co-creator Tahmus Rounds stars as T. Grizzly, a grizzled veteran, and I play Golden Hash, a struggling upstart cop learning the ropes as we try to solve the murder of Kiera Daily.

Grizzly and Hash is a parody of police procedurals in the vein of The Naked Gun and Police Squad. As character actors in Hollywood Tahmus Rounds and myself make our livings guest starring as various dirt bags in tv crime dramas. We read a lot of these scripts for auditions and jobs and thought it was high time we made our own version. So, here it is - Grizzly and Hash: Homicide. The first five mini-sodes are now streamable for free.

Grizzly and Hash (Episode 1)


Directed by David Neptune, the show also features the work of cartoonist Lonnie Millsap, and guest stars Scott Beehner, Valentine Miele, Rich Ruyle, Tyson Turrou, and Ashlyn Selcih.

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think or tweet to me @IsthisDavidury.


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