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Katrina Stagg

2015 was great year for films! Studios got it right with their big tentpoles being fun, enjoyable, and many gorgeous works of art. The indie films didn't disappoint either. Thanks to the brilliant marketing, I found myself wanting to see a new movie every week in the theater, often more than once.

Looking back on a great year in film, it only seems appropriate to reflect on the poster designs that wet our whistle for these films.

Now to the reason you're all here, THE CONTEST!

1. Pin (share) your favorite movie poster of 2015 via Pinterest

2. Tell us why it's your favorite in the caption.

2. Be sure to use the hashtag

3. Remember to follow Moviepilot on Pinterest for a chance to win!

You can pin the poster to your own board or to Moviepilot's group board "Moviepilot Contests." Just message us via Pinterest or comment on the contest pin. Posters can be official studio releases or alternative designs.

Contest ends February 1, 2016. We will be announcing the winner Tuesday, February 2nd. Good Luck!

For inspiration and to view some awesome posters of 2015 check out our board "Movie Posters" on Pinterest!

Check out Moviepilot's official contest terms and conditions

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations [Carlos Plummer](user:2090935), your Avengers: Age of Ultron poster is the winner of Moviepilot's very first Pinterest contest! Check out the winning pin below and be sure to follow Moviepilot on Pinterest for more chances to win!


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