ByEthan Jay, writer at

It's over....the story of Life is Strange is finally done. It's a crazy feeling to end something like this. No matter what you felt about the ending, you still felt a little bit empty knowing that these characters stories are finally over.

Now about that ending. I'm here to say how I felt about the game's ending and the game as a whole. I actually didn't hate the game at all for the ending. People were so angry at the fact that they felt their choices had no meaning to the end at all. Well I would say your wrong. The game was never about this grand mystery and adventure with Max and Chloe. Sure that was apart of it but at its heart of hearts the game was a story about Max changing and growing up a bit. At the start of the game we see Max as a shy girl with not a lot of friends, but by the end though she's saving the town of Arcadia bay (or destroying it). We get to decide who Max will become by the end. So to say our choices had no meaning would be ridiculous to say. They did have meaning...they decided who Max would become. No matter what happens with the time lines Max will always remember what's she's done. That's the real consequence. I love this game, and all its small moments. I would gladly say this was my game of the year.


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