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Walking dead spoilage all over the road ahead! Detour if you don't want to get stuck!

So far, what do we know about Rick and Michonne? Rick can't seem to get a lady and keep her, seeing how Lori died giving birth to Judith, and Jessie seems set to become walker food on February 14. Kind of like the comics, except Lori's death. Michonne, unlike the comics, is emotionally distant and withdrawn, and doesn't seem to have much of a chance settling down with a man any time soon. In the comics, she's a lot more emotional, and even has a fling with Tyreese and Morgan, before they die. Then Ezekiel. Then he dies. She makes a move on Heath, but he says no.

It really doesn't ever go to well, does it?

When Rick and Andrea hooked up, it was hinted that Richonne might happen, but it still hasn't. Andrea was the one that was there for Rick after he had to sacrifice Jessie to save Carl.

So all of you Richonne fans out there...there may be some hope for the TV show!

If all goes as planned when TWD comes back in February, Jessie will be out of Rick's life soon an he'll be a single man again. Who is left to comfort Rick? It's a toss-up between Carol and Michonne, and what would absolutely drive the fanbase wild?

Richonne, baby!

If this is by some chance the producer's plan, let's just hope Negan's game of eeny meeny miny moe doesn't end up with him pointing at Michonne, instead of Glenn...


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