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I swear...I've never seen a show that is so much like a big freakin' multiple choice question as The Walking Dead is.

Question 1: __A__ yelled at __B__, “Get back in __C__!!!”

Answers (circle one):

A. Rick, Carol, Shane, Ed

B. Lori, Carol, Carl, Sophia

C. Kitchen, House, Tent, Barn (too soon still, I know)

You can go every which direction with that one. Rick yelling at Carl to get back in the house? Classic. Carol yelling at Sophia to get back in the barn? Sorry about that. Ed yelling at Carol to get back in the kitchen, and Shane yelling at Lori to get back in the tent. Interchange them as you see fit, and you have The Walking Dead, both comics and TV show.

On this episode (issue, actually) of TWD, it's like this:

Question: __A__, after losing his __B__ not too long ago, has now lost his __C__.

Walking Dead comic spoiler alert:

If you guessed that A=Carl, B=eye, and C=virginity, boom! You got a 100%.

You heard that right. If you read the comics at all, you know that sometime between issue 137 and 138, it was heavily implied that Carl and Lydia got it on in some way. They most likely did the deed (whoops, almost mistyped “deed” as “dead” that would have been a disgusting typo), but in issue 150, it's official! In all its empty-eye-socket poking, step-mom-ish-Andrea-watching-but-not-interfering glory.

More on the eye socket crap in a bit. If you forgot how it happened, though:

In issue 137, we get this:

We don't actually see it, which is probably a good thing, but in #150, they go and do this-

Aaaaaand his dad's girlfriend just saw it. But she's a cool possible future step mom, because she kept right on walking.

As for the sick eye socket fetish Lydia has, here's something that will have you forever searching for the eye bleach:

What do you think the next multiple question will be, in the comics or the TV show?


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