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This just in!

Fox has ordered a reboot of 24, titled (for now, anyway) “24: Legacy”!!

Let me get one thing clear first. I am a HUGE Kiefer Sutherland fan, especially when it comes to Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer won't be in this reboot, being replaced by a new character, with a new name. It would be damn near impossible to replace him, anyway. I mean, could you replace this face?

That being said, I truly, honestly believe that this reboot is going to ROCK.

Why? Just think about it. Fox got it right the first time around with Kiefer. Not only did the show nail it, Kiefer nailed it and owned his character. Why would Fox do it any less awesome this time around?

Also, think about what's at stake.

Sorry, that just...kind of happens sometimes when I think about 24.

What's at stake? Oh, not much...just EVERYTHING. Fox knows they have to get this right, or risk making millions of Jack Bauer fans furious. It was one of the only shows that I would drag my and my wife's butt across town to our friend's house, our infant in two, to watch with them. IT WAS THAT GOOD. And we're all that crazy. So they know not to #### this one up.

that IS crazy
that IS crazy

And just look at the synopsis; according to fox, it will be about a military hero returning to the U.S., and having to deal with all the trouble that followshim back. He asks CTU for their help, and ends up stopping a huge terrorist attack.

Military hero? CTU? Terrorists? 24 gold!

And hell, who knows, maybe Jack will resurface in the nick of time to give him a hand.

And, as a bonus, they're switching up the race of the hero of the show; this time, he's going to be black!

Maybe give Michael B. Jordan some redemption (see what I did there?) after that one not so fantastic movie he was in a while back?


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