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Ready to say " Damn i'm old!"? This year is filled with awesome movies like 'Captain America: Civil War', 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' and, one that we have been waiting for years, 'Independence Day: Resurgence'. Well, how about two decades ago? What were we waiting for?

1. Happy Gilmore

This is a classic from Adam Sandler and probably the best Adam Sandler movie ever. When someone asks me "Tell me a fun movie!" my answer is "Happy Gilmore". When i was a kid i had so much fun watching this movie! And who doesn't remember "Happy" fighting Bob Barker? It's clearly a classic.

2. Twister

My friends and I have different points of view regarding 'Twister'. I really like this movie, I like that there is lots of tornados ripping apart farmhouses and throwing trucks around. I like that it's one long chase movie. I like looking at Helen Hunt's beautiful face. I saw Twister at least 5 times in 20 years and I've enjoyed it every single time.

3. Mission: Impossible

Uau... Now i feel really old twenty years since the first Mission: Impossible. Imagine how Tom Cruise must feel... Every now and again, you will come upon a movie that you know really isn't the best movie in the world, or even a particularly good movie on its own. And yet, you do find yourself strangely attached to it because it has a charm to itself that keeps you interested. That is Mission: Impossible.

4. Scream

The Slasher classic that everyone loves turns 20 years old! What the actual hell?? When I saw this movie, I was expecting to see a predictable movie. That I would just get bored with. But I was wrong. This was one of the most clever movies of the 90's. Believe me, if you live under a Dwayne Johnson (Rock... get it??) and for some reason you haven't seen this movie please go now . Wes Craven's (R.I.P :() classic.

5. Independence Day

Independence Day is the sort of film that's best appreciated on a big screen, preferably a massive great plasma television that is so huge you had to cut the roof off your house and get airlifted in by helicopters just to get it in the living room. Twenty years later we have 'Independence Day: Resurgence', please Roland Emmerich don't mess this up.


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