ByRenato Johnson Jr., writer at

Ronda's striking is very good. Anybody that says anything different, must not have seen Bethe laying on her face. From a visual perspective, here's what she did wrong against Holly. After she realized that holly was able 2 hit her, she should have utilized more composure. Haste was part of the problem. Her striking is fast and powerful. But when some 1 throws a cross from an orthodox position, their head has 2 slide 2 the left so it is protected by their right shoulder as well as what should B their raised left hand. She wasn't doing that in the first fight. Her head was 2 high up in the air. Now, no matter how much either of them train. Some 1 has 2 lose. In most cases, the winner of a match is the 1 who utilizes their game plan better. A person can B better fighter than some1 else. But if the person who's not as good, utilizes their game plan better. They will win. Either way, when they meet again. I hope neither of them seriously harm each other. I look 4ward 2 another great match. Best wishes 2 both combatants


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