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Even those of the most Kardashian fans can sometimes feel fatigued by their constant media presence. You don't even need to watch their show to feel like you're always keeping up with them, even when you're actively trying to avoid them. But listen up, because we've all been overlooking the best member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan for months.

Everyone, meet Kendall Jenner's secret fraternal twin brother, Kirby.

Despite happily letting his sister steal most of the spotlight, Kirby is finally coming into his own and establishing a social media presence worth following.

So, what do we know about Kirby so far?

He helps Kendall overcome her fears

Kendall didn't wanna do this photo but I told her we had to because it's important to try things that are scary. #californiaraisins

He supports her fashion choices

Summer fashion is about being comfy, looking cool and eating fresh. Hearts to the squad <3 #vogue

He has a beautiful singing voice

Nothing like a @samsmithworld concert to celebrate Arbor Day! Thanks for the passes and also the 1 free drink Sam! You are the best. #blessed

He knows how to make good use out of extra fabric

Cut the back of Kendall's dress so I could make myself a tank top lol. Kinda tight but so is my life!!! @musclemilk

He appreciates his sister's beauty and their shared genetics

Brother/ sister static electricity is crazy, y’all! Sad they cut me out but s/o to Kendall's crew for making her look so flawless! #carpet

He doesn't mind being a third wheel

Waiting 30 min after eating to swim. Damn @MarkWahlberg is a good cook smh!!! Love ya Mark @justinbieber and @kendalljenner! #nutrition

He's totally okay being at the bottom of the totem pole

Bottom of the totem pole cuz I’m so strong! fun shoot tho, thnx Cara! @thelovemagazine @caradelevingne

He's a good brother-in-law to Kanye

Me and Kendall are both pretty scared of flying but Kanye is always smooth AF wherever he goes LOL!!! #kanyewest

He's a risk taker

Funnest thing about staying in new hotels is exploring LOL! Tight views, but also help #notajoke

He's a little clumsy

Felt like Leo in Titanic! The part where he drowned tho :/ still was a pretty chill beach day! #leo

He's got a nice booty

Seriously tho I’m stuck haha please get some scissors. Kendall looks graceful tho. #birthdaycake

He can seriously rock a walrus hat

Kendall gives hats to anyone she thinks is cute!! #coolhat

He loves laughing along with Kendall

Kendall didn’t know about the funny camera on her macbook pro and I’m kinda shocked because she’s usually v tech savvy #allthebuttons

Most importantly, he's super supportive of his sister

Had a BLAST shooting for @GQ! Was bummed I got cut out of the final cover but is all good!

We're so happy to finally make your acquaintance, Kirby! Hopefully we'll be seeing far more of you in the future.

To keep up with Kirby Jenner, be sure to follow his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

*Disclaimer: Kirby Jenner's Instagram account is a parody and he is not actually her 20-year-old twin brother. Not that this really needs to be pointed out, but I thought I'd say something just to cover all of my bases.*

(Source: Instagram, Kirby Jenner)


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