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Justice has taken a new form in the upcoming villain ensemble Suicide Squad. The adaptation will be directed by David Ayer, the director by 2014's Fury. This is DC's riskiest and most intriguing venture yet as they continue their efforts to expand the DC cinematic universe and introduce a roster of iconic characters. From the looks of the official trailer, Suicide Squad looks like to be crazy-good, mayhem-filled fun as a band of some of the most iconic DC villains are forced to carry out deadly missions under the supervision of the cold-eyed Amanda Waller. Whether a sequel is set to follow has been speculated as well, but nothing is confirmed.

Here's the basic plot:

A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

Suicide Squad has always been a colorful concept, and they've had a number of interesting runs in the comics. Different incarnations of the team have emerged countless times to serve as expendable operatives, thus turning them into anti-heroes/ government lapdogs. Villains being forced to work with each other presents an interesting oppurtunity for tense, possibly even rough interactions between team members. Each member of the squad seems to have a reason for being there (excluding Katana who seems to be serving as Rick Flagg's personal body guard) and learning the exact circumstances of each character will be an interesting exploration.

The psychological aspects of Suicide Squad will be critical in selling the characters to those who may not be familiar them. Understanding the depravity and madness within each of these characters is key to making them compelling and interesting since audiences will have to try and identify with them. Even though they aren't really the good guys, the film needs to offer a reason for people to root for them even though they are the worst of the worst according to Waller & Co. But through all of this, the main draw of this for die-hard fans is going to be the showcase and exploration of the DC criminal underworld and the who-knows-who interactions in the criminal community. Mix in the high expectations for accurate portrayals of Harley Quinn and the Joker and that makes it even more important for this to succeed. Given the hype for this film and the increasing interest from some of the general public, Suicide Squad might become a box-office sensation. If all goes well, DC will have established a significant portion of its film universe and take credit for another mainstream success.


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