BySteph Fitch, writer at
Professor of Film Studies @ BCTC
Steph Fitch

What makes a good character in a screenplay? For that matter what is a screenplay? That is the simple question, it’s a road map for movie, it gives the actor, director, film crew, editor a guide on how to tell a story, weather it’s an epic drama, a classic noir, a mystery or a comedy.

The core of the screenplay is the character, they are the catalyst to move the story forward. What makes the character good?

That is subjective to the audience, and the audience alone. What the director, editor, producer, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (the money man) think is good, may not be what the audience likes, and the biggest hyped film of the year might be a flop if the audience doesn’t relate, so that to me is what makes a good character, someone the audience can relate to, weather it’s someone they want to go eat fish tacos with at their favorite bar and grill down the street, or just want to imagine living in their world for two hours, or make them so scared they can’t even breath when they walk on the screen. That is what makes a good character to me.


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