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Even after the new Suicide Squad trailer and Wonder Woman footage debuted, there's still plenty to discuss about 10 Cloverfield Lane. This movie mystery box is sure to be taunting the web community until its release on March 11th.

Until that time, we're free to speculate on the many theories floating around on the internet. A user on Reddit dropped some scoop that makes certain sense, but isn't fully convincing. The full theory is here, but I'll cover the main points from the post.

The first point presented is that the idea for 10 Cloverfield Lane actually came from a spec script titled 'The Cellar.' Apparently this project went through development hell at Paramount for some time. Eventually, the studio had Dan Casey and Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) to do rewrites. This tidbit is absolutely possible. It wouldn't be surprising at all to know that a spec script with no intellectual property attached would have trouble getting made. It's also interesting to note that Chazelle was hired on probably after Whiplash took Hollywood by storm.

The first news that I remember from a couple of years ago wasn't necessarily the title, but the fact that Dan Trachtenberg was attached to direct after New Line's Y: The Last Man project fell through. The company lost the rights unfortunately, but we still have his well-received short film, Portal: No Escape, seen below:

That was announced as early as April 3rd, 2014 by Collider. The plot synopsis was also reported then and it doesn't seem to have changed much.

“The majority of the movie takes place in an underground cellar, home to a teenage girl and a caretaker. The girl woke up in the cellar after a car accident, at which point her eerie companion tells her a nuclear attack has devastated society. The girl still hopes to escape.”

Over the next few months, the cast slowly but surely grew. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman, and John Gallagher Jr. were all locked in by the end of September that same year. The Reddit user goes on to mention that the budget for the film was $5 million and the 10 Cloverfield Lane is simply a way to market it as a sequel and gain a quick cash grab. But what does it mean to be a sequel to Cloverfield?

You can make cases that the film could be a direct sequel considering the monster that destroyed New York City in Cloverfield could have caused some other type of fallout. Maybe these characters are hiding in this shelter as the destruction is going on? But JJ Abrams has been quoted saying that 10 Cloverfield Lane is more of a 'blood relative' than a sequel. The Reddit user goes on to mention that there was a screening of the mystery movie this past fall. People flocked to IMDb to talk about their disgust with the film and that it had no ties to Cloverfield at all.

One must stop and think: What does the title, Cloverfield, have to do with its own movie? The answer is pretty much nothing.

The title is never mentioned in the film by any characters. They aren't in a city called Cloverfield since it takes place in the Big Apple. But we accept the film for what it is without the title making much sense. So isn't it safer to say that 10 Cloverfield Lane doesn't have to have anything to do with the other movie? Isn't it better to suppress those expectations and just hope for another fun, surprise from Bad Robot much like the original? That's why the best plausible theory is that 'Cloverfield' is just the title of an upcoming anthology of films in the same vein of The Twilight Zone series.

Actually, this is the safest school of thought if you don't want to be disappointed with the film. I find it interesting that no one on the IMDb message boards is discussing the quality of the film. One user mentions:

"If that's true I'll be angry. Cloverfield doesn't deserve to be treated that badly and have its name just thrown on something without it planned."

Every reaction that I've read, including the original Reddit post, is that people are troubled that this new film went through the same process as nearly every other film that has been made in recent years. It was a spec that had a hard time getting developed, it needed rewrites, and that it was made pretty cheap so that they could make a great return due to the unknown property. Knowing that all signs point to an anthology, this is exactly how we would want the development to happen. If this film makes a profit, that means we get more and we can love this new universe much like several other beloved anthology series.

Jay over at Indie Revolver broke some brand new scoop about his experience with 'The Cellar' screenplay. You can read about it here, but just to warn you. There are spoilers for that particular script, and we can't be sure that these bits of information are and aren't being used for the upcoming 10 Cloverfield Lane so use your own discretion. For me personally, it makes me even more excited for the film.


Does '10 Cloverfield Lane' have to be a direct sequel for you to love it?


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