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Vitor Menezes de Mattos


Plotholes many times are easy to ignore, and they can be fixed when new elements comes in the story, but i noticed one that, they can ignore, and continue the story like it never happened, but when you realise it, will be very hard for you to ignore.
Well, BB-8 has a map that leads to Luke Skywalker, who dissapeared, and unfortunately for the resistance, this map is incomplete, is not enough for anyone to get to Luke, the rest of the map is missing, and we don't know if the first order has it.
Well, in the scene that Kylo Ren interrogates Rey to find the map, we find out that they have the rest, and Kylo Ren tells Rey that the rest of the map is with them and it was recovered from the archrives of the empire....


Wait, so the empire had a map that led to luke who had vanished years after the empire's defeat?
As i said they can keep the movies like Kylo Ren never said that, but is weird right? I mean, a faction falls, and suddenly years after that, this same faction has a map that leads to someone who vanished years after it's fall?
Think only about how can this plothole be fixed, is gonna be hard.S


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