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Staring Bruce Campbell, Lucy lawless and Ray Santiago, amongst equally talented others, Ash vs Evil Dead is everything I ever dreamt of as a horror fan and a fan of the original Evil Dead film.

The franchise has gone from strength to strength, every film a worthy watch but it is Ash Vs The Evil Dead that tops the bill so far. The acting from all right down to the extras is superb, the score nerve thrumming, the gore viscerally realistic and the comedy, wow. The humour is slapstick gore at its best and a triumph for Bruce Campbell and the franchise itself.

Created by Tom Spezialy and Ivan and Sam Raimi the show is divided into ten episodes and offers never wavering entertainment. It has made a horror veteran immune to the genre jump in her seat and it is because of things like this that I am a horror fan, this is the reason the genre lures in so many others.

This series is a masterpiece and should be watched I insist. I put my name to it and swear enjoyment for any fan of evil dead and a large number of horror fans alike.

5 ***** Right up there in craftsmanship with Les revenants and the first season of Hannibal. I will love it forever.

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