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Now that the newest Suicide Squad trailer is out and a number of people have seen it (and are giving it receiving huge amounts of praise), it's finally time to start combing through and analyzing as much of the trailer. How else are we going to get clues to the rest of the film's plot?

With that in mind, I've picked out five of what I think are the most interesting things from this trailer, such as:

1. The Surgery

For a while, nobody was entirely sure how Amanda Waller was going to keep her new team in line during the events of the film. It definitely kept fans curious and eagerly guessing for some time now. Well thanks to the newest trailer, we may finally have our answer: neck bombs.

Remember Assault on Arkham? I have a feeling things will play out exactly like that. Why else would they just have everyone in a group out in the open like that? Because they trust a group of supervillains not to try something funny, even with funs trained on them?

2. The Birth of Harley Quinn

It was really interesting to see this one play out, especially since we've already seen a brief glimpse of Batman’s cameo in the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all part of an extended flashback for either Quinn or the Joker, perhaps thinking about how they first met, her eventual torture, and later transformation from Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn.

3. Possibly the Main Villain

It’s been speculated by some that Cara Delevingne's Enchantress will be the main villain in this film, thanks to a combo of her newly developed magical powers and her wish to revive her dead brother (or rather, the wish of the witch possessing her). If this is true, then the Suicide Squad will have to fight through her minions (I would presume the dark black individuals scattered throughout the trailer) to take her down.

There's actually a good bit of support for this theory too. She doesn't really spend any screen time with the rest of the Suicide Squad in this trailer, she acts a little suspicious during the scene in the White House and whenever she's in normal street clothes, and, if the above picture is any indication, is possibly manipulating some of the situations throughout the film.

4. Joker, Alex Ross Style

This doesn't have much more than a brief blink and you'l miss it moment in the trailer, but since Alex Ross is my favorite comic artist of all time, I had to give this a mention. It’s always fun seeing a potential homage to his work.

Image taken from
Image taken from

5. Open Hostilities

A movie about mutated reptile people, soul taking swords, and Will Smith, and some of you didn’t expect a few fights to break out now and again?

At least with the top picture, we can tell there might be a few problems for the villains on the team. Croc certainly seems ready to eat Katana up there, while Deadshot decides to let Rick Flagg know who's in charge in the one below.

Will they all be able to put their differences aside long enough to save the world?Find out when Suicide Squad arrives in theaters August 5, 2016.

What do you think about the new Suicide Squad trailer? Let me know in the comments below, or through Twitter at @comicsvsworld. While you’re at it, don't forget to check out my website, Comic Books vs The World, for even more comic book related content.


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