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Who is Snoke? Many people have seen the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens and wondered who Snoke was. I assume that he could be Darth Vader. First off, the helmet that appears in Kylo Ren's room seems to be Darth Vader's. And according to the reaction Kylo Ren has when looking at the helmet and hearing Ray tell him he is afraid of not being as strong as Darth Vader, he has a fear of Darth Vader. How does this relate to who Snoke might be? Well, before we can say how, we need to examine the history of Darth Vader's injures.

Darth Vader's Past

Darth Vader is seen with injures on his head when his mask is removed. He also has a pale appearance. He is said to have died in this scene at the age of 40 (we also are not assured that Darth Vader is dead, but are told so), so he has not used the dark side of the force to allow himself to overage, and he isn't being affected by old age, so where did he get his injuries? Well, he has been said to have fallen in a nuclear reactor shaft, and a molten pit, which could have caused inflammation in his body, and his injuries.

What Does This Have to Do with Snoke?

Snoke has a scar on his head, and he commands the first order, with many people at his command, so what allows him to have this power? Maybe from being very strong; after all, he raised the first order from the ruins of the empire, so how would he have just gotten that scar? I think it's because of an incident in the past, when he was Darth Vader. This can be proved from knowing Darth Vader had an incident with nuclear waste, which could have caused mutation from over the years, not to mention that Snoke shares the same scar as Darth Vader on his forehead. Another piece of evidence is that Kylo Ren is strong enough to defend himself, but he sticks with Snoke. Could this mean he is scared of Snoke, and that his fright is due to Snoke's true identity?

What I Think

Snoke could be Darth Vader for a number of reasons, including his physical appearance and his ruthlessness as a leader. It could also be due to the fact that the creators wanted to use Snoke as a character that would be revealed to be one of most well-known characters of the franchise. Even I thought about Darth Vader as STAR WARS when I was little.

What Do You Think?

Leave a comment on who you think Snoke is, and if you agree with me or not.


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