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for screenwriters its always a hard thing to find a character that fits into their imagination its the best thing to find a fictional character that they create inside their mind to see it breathe and alive

also known as 'big nurse ' is control freak nurse that only she cares about is power

nurse ratched enjoyed using power and it did make her happy she dominated the mental institution where she exercises the absolute power on her patients

her personalty is cold and some say her heart was piece of rock although she really did maintain order by treating her patients in the most despicable way you can imagine ,all what she really cared about is to keep order no matter what is the price when she had access to (food,medication etc..) or just punishing her patients if the displease her by letting them do her bedding

now why do i think her character is the most meanest and the most successful character is the way she interacts with us

a character that provoked the job principals in really smart way that kept her supervisors ignore her actions for the order system she created to me its character that stays with us and always made me think if there is a real nurse ratched out there and one of my favorite quotes when anythings bad happen she just stares and says

' now calm down the best thing we can do is to go with our daily routine '


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