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(No this is not a real story)

My name is Victoria. In 7th grade me and my friend stayed late at an old house. The house was old and broken down.

"This house needs some serious fixing," I mumble.

My friend Taylor came and thought it should be fine.

"Did u bring ur sleeping bag?" She asked.

"Yes and this place gives me the creeps," I shuddered.

We lay our sleeping bags down and fell asleep. No electricity was in the house and it was as cold as ice even though it was summer. I snapped awake by hearing footsteps on the stairs. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... It stopped. It shuffled closer to us. I closed my eyes on fear. I opened one eye and screamed in horror. I shifted in another form called wolf form. The "thing" didn't move. I started snarling and growling.

"Leave her alone!"

Taylor was frozen and staring at what happened. I nudged her to get up and run. It chased after us and it stopped after we reached town. I changed back.


"you were never supposed to know," I angrily said.

The next day I went to Taylor's house and her mother awnsered the door.

"Can Taylor come over?"

"Taylor, she has been dead for two years!" Her mother replied.

"Thats not possible! I have proof!"

I took out a picture without looking and gave it to her. Her face turned white as snow and covered her mouth. The picture dropped to the ground and I picked it up. I looked at the picture and what i saw was horrible. It was me standing next to a girl with a blank face, like the one we saw at the house. On the back it said "I'm sorry"


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