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Anybody remember Full House? That classic 80's to mid-90's family show that brought laughter to millions in America? This year Full House is coming back in a whole new way where DJ Tanner and Stephanie Tanner are all grown up in a sequel series called Fuller House. It is not likely that Michelle Tanner is going to be joining the family reunion because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not interested in coming back to reprise the role, at least for the first season.

John Stamos, formerly known as "Uncle Jesse" is a producer of Fuller House and is teaming up with the creator of the show, Jeff Franklin. Franklin explains to Zach Seemayer of Entertainment Tonight how modern and different the show is going to be by saying, "It's still a show designed to entertain kids, and at the same time we entertain adults, which is always the challenge to find that balancing act." He also tells ET, “But I think {these first 13-episode run} is definitely weighted a little bit more to the adults because we’re getting to know our three girls that are now beautiful women.”

Entertainment Tonight tells us that Fuller House is a continuation of the original series, Full House, which went off the air in 1995. The new show kicks off years later with a recently widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron-Bure) enlisting her sister, Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and best friend, Kimmy (Andrea Barber), in helping her raise her three sons. Can you believe Kimmy has a daughter of her own now? Is that scary or what?

Franklin also stated, "We're also revisiting what we call the legacy act, our three uncles and Aunt Becky as well. There's a lot of adults to include so then, by nature, it has to be a little more adult."

Fuller House executive producer, Robert L. Boyett, said that the Olsen twins are "very supportive of the show" but they have "moved on to other things" in the years since Full House ended. "They haven't ruled out appearing on the show at some point," Boyett revealed, "but not in this first batch." However, that doesn't mean that the actresses won't reprise their role as Michelle Tanner sometime in the future.

Curious to see how the show will turn out or if it will be as good as Full House? Check out the upcoming series, which premieres Feb 26th on Netflix!

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John Stamos, the young and cool "Uncle Jesse" is now a hip and old grandfather! Stamos is starring in the new hilarious TV show called Grandfathered where he finds out that he has a son and a granddaughter in one day!

Stamos portrays a 50-year-old bachelor and successful restaurant owner named James “Jimmy” Martino. He is considered to be self-centered, career obsessed, and very experienced in not taking care of anybody but himself. At first, he is outraged that he wasn’t told that he had a son. He was completely caught off guard and denied his son, Gerald and his granddaughter, Edie. It was quite shameful because who could deny that cute and smart little girl? At first he is embarrassed by his family and doesn’t want anyone to know about them. But as the series progresses, his egotistical persona slowly fades away and he realizes that his son is at a difficult time in his life where he really needs his dad to teach him how to be a man. The family rubs off him in a tremendous way and they make him change his lifestyle. His newfound family makes him realize that his career could not replace what he was missing in his life: love from a family of his own.

Paget Brewster plays Sara Kingsley, Gerald’s mother and Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend. She is sassy, fiercely independent, and a momma bear to her son Gerald and her granddaughter, Edie. The reason for their breakup was due to Jimmy’s arrogant and self-absorbed personality. After their breakup, she found out that she was pregnant with Gerald and kept it hidden for 25 years. She tried to make the relationship work despite his flakiness, but the last straw that broke the camel’s back came when he stood her up at a concert. That night, she was going to tell him that she was pregnant. But after that, she realized that Jimmy was not ready for a relationship, much less a baby. He was too immature and selfish to care about anyone but himself. She worked three jobs to make sure her son Gerald was taken care of. She regrets not telling Jimmy and wished she had.

Fun Trivia Facts: The website, states that in the 3rd episode of season 1, Paget Brewster opens a laptop and does a quiz called "Which 'Friends' character are you?" and the result was Ross. Paget was actually in 6 episodes of Friends where she hooked up with both Joey and Chandler. In an interview, Paget Brewster said that during her audition she treated John Stamos "like a child" and that's how she got the part of Sara.

Josh Peck, best known for the show Drake and Josh, stars as Gerald E. Kingsley, Jimmy and Sara’s son who has a baby girl named Edie. He is a goofy and lovable character who is really good with technology and making apps, but he is all over the place. He is extremely dedicated to being the best father he can because he didn’t have a father growing up. He is a big softie with a heart full of love for his family and he looks to Jimmy for guidance when it comes to attracting girls. He wants a long-term relationship with his baby momma, Vanessa, but she only seems him as a friend. His heart longs for Vanessa, but his father Jimmy tries to convince him to go out with other girls and forget about her.

Christina Millian plays as Vanessa, Gerald’s best friend and Edie’s mother who is hopelessly in love with. Vanessa is an intelligent, inspiring entrepreneur who is always trying to come up with get rich quick schemes and ideas. Gerald’s mom doesn’t understand what he sees in her but once she gets to know her, she sees her as a nurturing and protective mother who will do anything for her daughter, Edie. Unfortunately, she is usually unaware of Gerald’s attempts to woo her despite how hilariously obvious he is. They tried to be friends with benefits, but having a child together prevented them from exploring a romantic relationship. But who knows? They may work out in the future.

Both shows are about learning how to love, appreciating and enjoying your family, and you have to find joy in the little things. So…with that being said, let me get this straight. Uncle Jesse is a grandfather, DJ Tanner is a mother of three, and Josh from Drake and Josh has a kid? How crazy is that? Does anybody feel old yet?


Which show are you more excited to watch?


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