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4. Scream 3

While I don't hate any of these movies, this was a no brainer. Really the only issue's I have with this are the lack luster kills because most are just a stab in the chest. And of course the reveal of the killer is probably the worst in the franchise. I think I could've came up with a better one. But this is still a very excited and fun film that is still a solid entry.

3. Scream 2

While not living up to the original, this is still a really fun film. My only problem with the film is the pacing. It takes a really long time for anything to start happening, but once it picks up it becomes very intense and excited. The kills are great in this and there's good continuity. Overall it's a solid sequel.

3. Scream

This is one of the greatest Horror films I have actually ever seen. It's a very original and tasteful movie even know it acts more like a spoof to horror films. It's also for very easy to relate with the characters since this movie was mainly made for horror fans and that the characters all have a lot of knowledge on them, and that wasn't really brought back in the franchise until my number 1...

1. Scream 4

Scream 4 is definitely my favorite film in the franchise. The characters are very much like the characters from the original movie. The kills were well shot and well done. The reveal of the killers is one of the best in the franchise. This is a must watch for all Scream fans.


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