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Matthew Anthony

Hey everyone I really enjoy my time on Moviepilot reading a lot of great articles, movie news and information and checking out some really great videos by movie fans and audiences from all over the world. I wanted to share some news about me on here for everyone. I started a new Facebook Artist page which I will be using to share all of my new "Epic Fan Trailers, Reactions and more". If you haven't seen my last couple of brand new epic fan trailers here are the last few I uploaded. Feel free to check them out and enjoy.

"The Batman" starring Ben Affleck, hopefully releasing in "2018"

Brand New "BvS: Dawn of Justice Epic Trailer", with added scenes, music and more!

What if there were a "4th" Dark Knight Film? This Would Be Awesome!

Thanks for checking out my articles, trailers and reactions everyone! I've been busy video editing, and in-between like 3 different jobs right now. I will always find time to get on here and put up content for entertainment and my genuine love for movies. Here is my new Facebook Artist page for stryderHD Productions "Link".

Thanks again everyone, hope you all enjoyed the new "Suicide Squad" trailer from last night, I thought it was pretty good, and kind of different from any other superhero, or I should say a first, a super-villain film!

By the way, did you all hear? Star Wars: Episode VIII delated until the end of 2018 now?..Ugh!!

Twitter - @stryderHD


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