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Ok so I'm not the biggest star wars fan seeing as how I'm still dreading the fact I have not yet seen episode 7. On the other hand star wars has been with me since I was a three year old getting a spanking for watching a movie I was told I was not to touch and to young for *rolls eyes*. Which makes me feel my opinion matters lol. Other than my all time favorite Vader, Tano has become my favorite character with her complex personality so obviously I'm a little bias. Though her story is closely tied to that of Anny/Vader and the order, among other things I feel her legacy does not have to end with her former Jedi master.

Ahsoka has proven everyone wrong on "what action should be taken next" throughout her entire career coming from beneath instead of from behind. Making all the possible options mute has become synonymous with Tano ,the Apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. The same reason she is so compelling to follow is the same reason she can't die as half assed as throwing herself into Vader's pit of endless bodies. Where most would say she would take every attempt to foil his plans I'm sure she knows she is not yet ready to face the force that pumps the empires cold blood. My memory of all of her endeavours however are lost to binging so my argument isn't going to be 100% solid lol.

So Ahsoka Tano's legacy as one of the strongest Masters apprentice can't end with a tv show as her image has grown so big in the community. Some say "she has to die!" but I argue she does not since she thinks on her feet quite miraculously. Just because of the massive chain of information in this universe is exactly the reason. Yoda went off to learn the force, qui gong told him how to figure that out and obi wan was still there for Luke who says this world is simple. Yes Ahsoka has to chase after her former master, but who says she has to do it under the rebels tutelage. Yes it would conflict with Luke but who knows what journey she has to take as one who walked away from the no longer existent order. But under no circumstance does she HAVE to die or by Vaders hands for that matter, personally if Vader kills her I won't find it sad or poetic at all since it's already an overused concept that will lack the otherwise intended impact. In conclusion her end can't be by Vader or by sacrifice because of Vader which would be sort of well...tasteless it has to be something no one will see coming but more than that I feel like she deserves at least a movie cameo.


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