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I'm sorry but it seems to be a bunch of nonsense so much more to worry about then something so small its an awards show big deal you don't see people of other cultures getting upset about the BET awards saying it's to black I mean really if we created a station called white entertainment television it would be racist but it's ok the other way around it seems to me it's just a bunch of actor's and actresses looking for publicity that they didn't get at the awards I have friends and also family that are black so before you think my opinion is racist it's not and even though my opinion might not mean much I just think it's a waste of time,resources and money that could be used on something that actually matters there is more important things in life then crying over something so petty if all these entertainers would put more effort into helping there fellow Americans who live in poverty are children that are going threw pain from cancers our disease just something bigger other then putting all there efforts and energy into crying and boycotting something so ridiculous I know I'm not the smartest person out there and some might look at my opinion as just plain stupid because I'm not good at how I word my opinions but I just feel a lot of resources are being put to waste when they could be used to make progress where we Americans are failing at miserably it's become a nation about money everything is about making as much as you can why so you can store it in a bank and never use it millions and millions are made by all these stars and athletes why not use it to help the people who really need it help others that are starving to death are freezing to death because they have no place to go are nothing to eat then maybe you would win an award that actually matters but that's just an opinion of an average poor American that doesn't matter because I don't have the money to back it up


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