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Now, when it comes to DC-themed superheroism, the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman tend to take the lion's share of the headlines, with The Flash and Green Lantern grabbing most of what's left. Even with the ever-expanding DC Cinematic Universe, it often seems that most fans have eyes only for the 'big three' and their red and green pals.

And yet, another hero is heading — perhaps even swimming — in our general cinematic direction — and as Jason Momoa looks set to prove, he's far from the C-List hero history has made him out to be.

Aquaman Is Actually Hiding A Whole Lot Of Badass Secrets In His Past

And here, in no particular order, are 10 of my personal favorites...

First up?

10. He's Ridiculously Powerful

He might not always look it, but Aquaman is actually a far more powerful hero than you'd think. Able to swim at speeds of over 1000 mph, and able to hold his own strength-wise with all but the strongest of opponents, he's a physical match for most — and (depending on which comic book you're working from) might actually have the ability to mentally influence not just fish, but human beings too.

What's more:

9. At One Point He Literally Had A Trident For A Hand

And nothing is more badass than that.

Except for the fact that his hand was eaten by actual piranhas.

And, perhaps, the fact that...

8. He Had A Walrus Sidekick For A While There...

Walruses, after all, being both perfect comic relief and surprisingly effective allies in battle. Also, his name was Tusky. This is the correct name for a Walrus sidekick.

7. And Is Apparently A Competent Vet

Honestly, what's cooler than a superhero who also saves animals' lives?

6. He Once Dropped A Killer Whale On Prince Namor...

Which, admittedly, was part of a vaguely non-canon DC/Marvel crossover event, but even so...

5. ...He Threw A Polar Bear At A Bunch Of Criminals

Just. Because. He. Could.

4. He Totally Rode A Shark As A Baby

I mean... c'mon. At that age Superman was still just lifting tractors...

3. He Led The Justice League

Now, sure, it was in the '80s, and at a time when the League was missing pretty much all of its supposed 'heavy hitters,' but even so — that's still the DC superhero equivalent of a Superbowl ring...

2. His Wife Is Arguably Way Cooler Than Him, And He's Totally OK With That

Aquaman is not one for casual misogyny, or dating people he's vastly physically stronger than — his wife, Mera, has long been a) ridiculously awesome, and b) quite possibly better at most superhero-ing tasks than Aquaman himself. After all, she can turn water into an actual weapon, which is pretty darned effective on a planet (and amidst a populace) almost entirely made up of water.

Sure, Batman's great and all — but he's never had the self-confidence to let his romantic (or, for that matter, crime fighting) partners be better than him at stuff.

1. He's Never Been Afraid To Tell It Like It Is

It's a small detail, but any superhero who's willing to open up about exactly how he controls fish with his mind to a group of random customers at a fish restaurant deserves a whole lot of respect. Also, Aqua-snark is always fun.

The big question now, though?

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