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Anything associated with an all powerful Sith Lord is bound for trouble. So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are recalling around 10,000 anniversary edition onesies, because the detachable snaps are being deemed a choking hazard.

Currently, no injuries have been reported which comes as a relief and consumers have been urged to not dress their infants in these clothing items. A refund is, of course, available.

The life-threatening garment comes with an equally ominous picture of Darth Vader with the words written, "If you only knew the power of THE DARK SIDE."

This may only be semi-relevant, but this is so cute
This may only be semi-relevant, but this is so cute

A rather gloomy thing to dress your innocent toddlers up in, don'tcha think?

Still, as no injuries have been reported, it's okay to leave space for a little humor in all of this. I mean, whoever designed this bodysuit should have been aware of the very obvious fact that Darth Vader's choking powers are incredibly potent and inescapable.


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